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Crisis had

Due to the crisis had to sell the car and now I travel a lot by public transport especially by train. One day I got up early and went to the station a little to pick it up and go do job interviews and some errands city, unsurprisingly it was was just a small room with the machine dispensing tickets and a coffee, a bathhouse and a small bench to rest. It was early and within minutes came a stunning girl with long blond hair, two large breasts that it revealed the bulky coat, the clothes are not wearing because I had whole closed, sat next to me and I will believe it me said he wanted to fuck her like an animal, because when I thought I was dreaming but she began to explain that it was a nymphomaniac and had been all night fucking but none satisfied the left enough so he went to the fucked. He stood in front of me and I opened the raincoat showing me only wearing a garter belt with black stockings and picardÃas leopard with big nipples as my fingers poking through a small hole he had, he told me he wanted to fuck her and make of I wanted and she told me with these words “treat me like I’m a slut and a whore and I love getting fucked hard.” Horny at the sight before my eyes an incredible body and these words gave me carte blanche, as I like started to caress her legs up to her ass while after approaching my mouth with his tongue out moving like a snake looking for prey and started to suck those huge nipples, I started giving her soft little bites and continue biting and pulling them through gritted teeth until they were released unable to stretch more, she moaned saying Yesss!! Siiiii!! Good start. I went down with my tongue down to her pussy and tearing her thong with his teeth began to suck her clit and put his tongue in her pussy and super wet, she grabbed me hard on the head toward her pussy and I screamed give me cane not I be prim!!, I then pissed his words began to bite her clit hard while she screamed in pleasure asking me stronger, I kept squeezing and pulling at the same time gave strong spanking with hands on her ass and she far from complaining loved. Seeing that seemed limitless decided to loosen up a little and give more cane, so I put on all fours on the bench and began to shove it up the ass without warning, feeling like tearing up a bit to see a trickle of blood down her legs, yelling that’s what I want bitch! Well, I’ll have, pushed as a beast while giving heavy blows on their buttocks first with an open hand and then she closed while with the other he grabbed her long hair pulling her towards me and shouting “I’m going to bust bitch!! .. She gave him more the more he liked and I did not cut a hair. I was hornier than I had ever before because anyone and not want it to end so I lay down on the bench, I put up sticking it in her pussy dripping like a waterfall and started pushing again and again calling putaaaa to She liked to tell nasty and began to choke her with one hand while with the other supporting me and telling her she was a bitch and would be treated as such began to spit on him and every time he opened his mouth to moan with pleasure did the same in his mouth. I squeezed ever more neck to the point of leaving almost no air, then loosened a bit for a few seconds and started again by pressing harder and longer without leaving air, frighten her away from me and I wanted more was to give You pulled my cock from her pussy and agarrándomela to direct well started mearle throughout the body, first on her breasts and abdomen, then his mouth inundándosela until there came more and still squeeze the neck yelling, you’ll Hooker learned what a real man, he put her eyes to what he enjoyed or that no air left, do not know, but I did not care. I went to stick my dick in her pussy and kept pushing again and again while the biting of the lips, neck and breasts alternatively far from satisfied told him to prepare that we were going to run together, so I knelt over her mouth looking at his feet and approaching my eggs has his mouth told her to open it and he did, I began to masturbate and you take your left hand to her pussy to do the same and the right approach my eggs for me clench in full force and started to give us pleasure without wait while she opened her mouth to moan you got all my cock inside her without moving from the spot continued masturbating and squeezing with all their eggs forces. I was buzzing and could no more and she by his body movements that seemed convulsions ran her fingers inside her pussy and squeezed my eggs while I masturbate faster and with brutal force until it is di all cumming in her mouth and over her breasts, abdomen and even reached the hand that was inside her pussy and legs, feeling my super hot, thick semen all over her body falling as if it were a moisturizer. It was by far the best fuck of my life so far, because once we got into the bathroom of her station to clean the mouth and body to go home to shower and adecentarme a bit to catch the train, we exchanged the phone no names and we still have meetings even more exciting and wild than this, but that’ll tell you another day. 




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